LENGUA FRANCA is the Interpreter/Translator portal of linguistic activities of Magdalena T. Rangel
National CCHI, CHIA California, DSHS Washington State C.T., C.I. certifications.

Lengua Franca is the Spanish derivation from the Latin
lin·gua fran·ca {liNGɡwə ˈfraNGkə/
  1. a language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different.
    • historical
      a mixture of Italian with French, Greek, Arabic, and Spanish, formerly used in the Levant.

 Certified Medical English/Spanish Interpreter and a few other things…

CCHI Certified (National), and WA DSHS Certified Interpreter and Document Translator. I also happen to hold a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (love to draw and paint) ~ so you can also find me volunteering at SAM, and spending whole afternoons at the Frye ~ , and a Masters in Film Studies (love cinema, what can I say…: SIFF, here I come! Bring on the Spanish Cinema!

Spanish – Bilingual with native fluency…

I grew grew up and received my primary and secondary education in Venezuela in a bi-cultural household. My mother was an American linguist and translator for whom I have done related projects and assignments over the years. My father was a Venezuelan journalist, political/cultural analyst and writer, who routinely interviewed foreign guests in TV interview programs, and was able to interpret when necessary, from English and French to Spanish and back. Both parents spoke fluently in French, in addition to Spanish and English. Alas, I only do Spanish and English, but I pride myself in doing it well.

Team Player…

Community is important. Working in the community to help it be a stress free functioning place.  In the Medical and Social Services setting  that translates to good  patient/provider service. Going the extra mile if that is what it takes to realize a good outcome.  It’s looking at the big picture of what a teams’ goals and needs are.